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Color Analysis

Color Analysis
Colors are important. Especially colors that you wear near your face in clothes and accessories. Colors have direct influence on the way you look – when they compliment your natural coloring,you look younger, brighter and healthier.
The main goal of this analysis is to help you understand which colors compliment you and help you to look your best. As the result of this analysis you’ll receive a detailed personal color palette of your complimenting colors and examples of how to use and combine them. I will also present you with interesting ideas on how colors can make your outfits more impressive, fashionable and, of course, stylish.

Concept Of Style

The main goal of this analysis is to give you an absolute clarity about your personal style. You’ll finally know which styles compliment you, which don’t and how to create outfits that make you look fabulous, feel confident and channel your unique personality to the world. As a result you will receive a detailed analysis of your physical appearance. I will then incorporate your personal traits and preferences to develop a unique concept of style that both compliments you and resonates with your personality. This analysis will include examples of suitable outfits and specific items that will help you create this outfits in real life.

Let me get you excited about your wardrobe and, more importantly, about you!

Wardrobe Rehab

Whether it’s a “wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear” or a story of all those interesting pieces just sit inside your closet collecting dust, it seems your wardrobe can use some decluttering!

The purpose of this service is to literally liberate your wardrobe from all useless/outdated/unsuitable pieces of clothing and keep only those that are relevant. We will also maximize the value of each piece by creating new and exciting stylish outfits, that suit your appearance and support your personal style.

This will also allow us to built a “strategic” shopping list that includes all the missing parts – pieces of clothing and accessories to maximize your wardrobe’s the efficiency and re-charge your personal image.

Putting It all Together!

Allowing yourself this “all-included” package you can rest assured that not only will you gain a better understanding of general principles of your personal style, but will be well-equipped with practical tools to help you sustain and develop it in future!

This is the combination of all the vital personal style services one needs to get in full control of his/her re-invented and stylish self: to create a successful image and built an efficient new wardrobe to support it.

This package also includes a full color and body-shape analysis to get you equipped with practical tools that will assist you in sustaining and developing your image through mindful and effective shopping avoiding spending extra money and/or making unnecessary sartorial mistakes.