Your personal brand is the face you present to the world – your clients, partners, investors, etc.

Strong personal brand is what makes you stand out among your competitors attracting paying customers. It is an effective tool to showcase the uniqueness of your expertise and value of your services.

My goal is to help you fully realize its potential and this is how:

Research and Analysis

Here I conduct your current business’ and brand’s analysis – to see if you need to strengthen your image, to re-position or to re-brand completely. I also conduct a market research to identify your target audience – their preferences, needs and requirements.

The Concept of your Personal Brand

I’ll work with you to create a unique personal brand that embodies your values, experience and expertise  and resonates with your target audience.

– Personal Brand’s Visual Image

As you are the face of your brand, it’s essential that your personal image is its visual reflection.

At this point I’ll conduct a detailed analysis of your appearance and advise on your personal image, so it’s reflective of your brand and appealing to your potential customers.

– Brand Development Strategy

Here you’ll receive recommendations on how to sustain and further develop your brand.

Building a solid image of your brand on social media (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook).

It’s important to create a certain style and tone throughout different platforms coherent to your brand and its promise to the customers.

I’ll provide you with guidelines to make sure your brand is well-visible and understood by your audience.


Personal style is a great instrument for creativity, growth and self-expression. As a professional stylist I don’t believe in “one solution fits all”, therefore I invite you to be an active participant in the process.

This is how it works:

– We start with identifying your “stylish goals” – what image you wish to achieve based on your personal goals, lifestyle ad preferences.

– I then conduct a detailed analysis of appearance to determine what suits you, what looks great on you, what are your best colors and silhouettes.

– Next we turn to the Concept of Your Personal Style, combining the desired image and your actual physical appearance.

– Finally, we work the concept into your reality. This includes your current wardrobe analysis as well as planning your next shopping.

The service is online, in form of personal sessions and is available in 3 packages:I

  1. You can start with one session (analysis of your type and general recommendations) – € 150.
  2. Basic – 3 online sessions, cost € 300.
  3. Full package – 5 online sessions, cost – € 450.

Mentorship Program is a partnership I offer to stylists and image consultants who seek to grow professionally and become successful

As a professional stylist with over a decade of practical experience, I work with young professionals who start their career as well as with ones who have already acquired some experience in the field, but want to strengthen their position on the market, develop new services, reach for new clients, etc. to further grow their business.

As a mentor I offer a different perspective on the issue and assist in search of the best-suited solution. 

Start by booking and initial session to get an analysis of your current styling business: your target audience, your professional niche, your competitors.

The cost of an initial session is € 100.