Your personal brand is a bridge connecting you with your clients.
Let's build it trustworthy!

My name is Alexandra Vail and I am an expert in personal brand development . I have been working with clients from various fields for over a decade - consulting independent experts, freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

My goal is to help you build a strong personal brand - one that makes you stand out. An image that distinguishes you from the competitors and showcases the value of your services and expertise to the potential customers.

I provide clients with made-to-measure advice on brand development and brand strategies, conduct online trainings, courses and webinars.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) I'm also a certified image consultant and stylist (Fashion Image Institute, CA, USA).

Fluent in 4 languages: Russian, English, Hebrew and Spanish. Traveled to over 40 countries around the world.


  • Carla, Melbourne
    Alexandra, I never tire of saying that the four sessions with you were eye-opening. Not only did you give me a direction on where to go in terms of style, (and trying to make the best of what I already have), but I also learned basic principles and a world of silhouettes, colours, fabrics, garments and shoes opened up for me. I now feel more secure and equipped when dealing with clothing, besides being encouraged to experiment and analyze to keep on evolving.
  • Eugenia, St. Petersburg
    Alexandra, thank you very much for showing how to create an image that is modern, reflects my inner self and helps in achieving my goals. It feels like I've finally completed a puzzle! Also, thank you for the kind, sincere and inspiring atmosphere that you've created during our work.
  • Anna, Amsterdam
    Working with Alexandra has been a real pleasure and one on the best investment I've made starting my own business. She is extremely professional, honest and flexible. Thanks to Alexandra's advice I now have a clear vision of what makes my personal brand relevant and appealing to potential customers.
  • Maya, Moscow
    "Alexandra is very knowledgeable and experienced. She has come up with some very interesting and non-trivial solutions for my personal brand that makes me stand out and feel unique."
  • Natalia, London
    It's been a year since I've worked with Alexandra on developing my very own Concept of Personal Style. And what I see today is that by helping me to re-invent my external image Alexandra actually helped me to re-discover myself.
    Alexandra is more that a stylist, she makes her work about understanding you - your character, your needs, how you want the world to perceive you. And the result is phenomenal!
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