Stylegant | Valencia: Personal Style & Shopping
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Valencia: Personal Style & Shopping

Travelling to a new place is always a promise – of new, inspiring, exciting. It’s also an opportunity to explore sometimes leading us to wonderful discoveries. In beautiful Valencia I invite you to take this opportunity to explore and discover…your personal style!


As a certified Image & Style Consultant with nearly a decade of experience in the field I can turn your trip to Valencia into a journey of self-discovery enhancing your unique image and style. A special full-day experience in Valencia which includes a detailed appearance & style analysis as well as shopping in city’s most interesting spots with me as your personal shopper.



We will meet in one of Valencias beautiful spots and begin with one-on-one consultation that includes:


– color analysis & your personal color palette,


– body type analysis to determine the silhouettes, patterns and shapes that flatter you,


– image & finding styles that reflect your personality & lifestyle.



We will then continue to city’s most interesting and stylish shopping spots that offer beautiful and unique pieces of clothes, shoes and jewelry (including some local designers). Here I’ll be your personal shopping guide, I’ll help and advise you and make sure that every item we pick suits you perfectly.


Each shopping tour is personal and is created in accordance with client’s preferences and comfortable budget.


When you book Style & Shopping Experience in Valencia:


– I’ll take care of all the details, selecting Valencia’s stores and boutiques & planning an optimal (and most enjoyable) shopping route that takes into account your budget and personal preferences;


– During shopping I’ll help you select items with best “style potential”, so all you have to do is try them on 😉


– I’ll also advise on how to wear, combine and accessorize these new items in order to create maximum stylish outfits that flatter you!



What you’ll get as a result of Style & Shopping Experience in Valencia:


– Stylish and up-to-date pieces that compliment your appearance, suit your lifestyle and personal taste (rest assured that I’ll never convince you to buy anything you don’t absolutely love),


– A better understanding of what colors / shapes/ patterns / styles suit your appearance and how to create stylish outfits for yourself;


– A wonderful day in beautiful Valencia when everything is thought through and taken care of and all you have to do is enjoy!


How much does in cost:


One full day of shopping in Valencia (including one-on-one consultation) – 450 euros (6 hours).


Half-day of shopping in Valencia(including one-on-one consultation) – 300 euros (4 hours).


And a 10% discount in case you book an additional day/half-day of shopping.


To book your Style & Shopping Experience in Valencia: