Stylegant | Shopping in Berlin
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Shopping in Berlin

It’s true that for common visitor Berlin is not immediately linked to high fashion and its luxurious high-end shopping, like Milan or Paris. But with its unique history, dynamic culture and names like Karl Lagerfeld, Hugo Boss, Jil Sander and Adidas calling Berlin home, this European capital has a lot to offer!



As shopping is usually an inevitable part of any city trip, with its variety of clothes shops, vintage spots and designer boutiques Berlin can be a perfect and very enjoyable shopping destination!


Why book shopping with a professional shopper / personal stylist:


    • I will plan and completely organize your shopping tour, selecting all relevant brands and shops based on your preferences and comfortable budget.
    • I will help you choose clothes and accessories according to your appearance – your natural color type, facial features, body shape, as well as your lifestyle, budget, social status and personal preferences.
    • I will show you how to create interesting outfits from the selected items, how to combine different pieces together and how to accessorize each look.
    • During our shopping tour I will advice you on your personal style concept, your color palette, shapes & silhouette that fit your body type, as well as the latest fashion trends that are suitable for you and brands where to find them.
    • If required, I will assist you to get your tax-free forms ready so you can get your tax refund in the airport.


What will you get at the end:

  • Ready-to-wear new stylish wardrobe, consisting of items that both suit you and are easily combined into a number of beautiful and up-to-day looks!
  • You will save your time, money and energy, avoid needless roaming around unknown stores and any unnecessary purchases.
  • Following our shopping tour you will be entitled to 2 weeks of my online style support when you can consult me on any personal style issue regarding your wardrobe, new or old items and any of your looks.



Oct. 19 – Nov. 6, 2016




One full day of shopping in Berlin (including preliminary consultation) – 250 euros (10:30 to 18:00)


Half-day of shopping in Berlin (including preliminary consultation) – 150 euros (10:30 to 15:00)


And a 10% discount in case you book an additional day/half-day of shopping.


To book your personal shopping tour and/or preliminary consultation: