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Style & Shopping in Moscow

When summer ends comes time for renovation. So let’s start this autumn with taking your personal style game up a notch.


In the last days of August I am coming to Moscow to work with all those who have been thinking of refreshing their image and giving their wardrobe a needed stylish update. So in case you, too, have been planning your personal and stylish metamorphosis, an opportunity is coming right at you!


Being an image consultant with six years of experience and over 250 clients around the world, I am an expert in helping people to transform into a better, more stylish and confident version of themselves.



Ekaterina’s transformation, Madrid 2016

Aziza’s transformation, Valencia 2016


How does your stylish transformation work:


* We’ll start with a personal session where I’ll discuss your personal style and see how I can meet your expectations. I will also conduct a primal analysis of your appearance (color type, body type, facial features) and advise on on your personal style concept;
* We will then move to analyzing your existing wardrobe, separating “the wheat from the chaff” – taking out all the outdated, unsuitable, unnecessary items and leaving only those that can be used within the new style concept to create new stylish outfits;
* Based on the wardrobe analysis I will prepare a strategic shopping list including items that are needed to create / complete the new updated image;
* Next session will be dedicated to shopping based on our strategic shopping list and within the frame of your comfortable budget;
* If necessary, I will pick a new suitable hairstyle for you and we’ll go to the hairdresser to get in done;

As a result, your image will be re-energized and wardrobe will be fully updated! That will allow you to create maximum stylish and fashionable looks to look effortlessly great every day and to maintain the concept of your personal style.


Julia’s transformation, Madrid 2016


Are you ready?!!:


When will we start:

Aug. 25 – Aug. 29, 2017


How mutch does it cost:

Complete image and style transformation consisting of 2 session (each 3,5-4,5 hours long) – 500 euros.


To book your session: alex@stylegant.com