Stylegant | Tatiana D.
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Tatiana D.

Tatiana moved to Valencia for her studies, in order to achieve her Master’s Degree. And after she found herself in a new and exciting city with new lifestyle and completely different atmosphere Tatiana felt her image and wardrobe could also use a new start! But instead of spending her time in too many unfamiliar stores with too many unknown brands, Tatiana decided to get professional help, so…she called me!


I started working on Tatiana’s style by first analyzing her existing wardrobe. And there was an interesting thing that could not pass unnoticed. With all her floral dresses, long and midi-skirts and not a single pair of jeans(!) it was clear that this young lady had a very strong preference for very feminine looks and somewhat romantic style.


However, there was one important thing Tatiana’s feminine wardrobe was missing! It was too simple and traditional, not modern, leave alone fashion-forward. As a result, many of her outfits looked out-dated and somewhat aging.


That’s when my task as an image consultant became clear – I had to create a younger, fresher and more polished look for Tatiana that will still allow her to look romantic and feminine. So as I was looking for (more!) feminine floral dresses and skirts for my beautiful client, I always kept in mind that they had to look light, young and contemporary!


Before & After No.1



Before & After No. 2



Before & After No.3




And here are Tatiana’s new images:






tatiana3  tatiana4






tatiana7  tatiana8


tatiana10  tatiana11