Stylegant | Tanya S.
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Tanya S.

To be completely honest, Tanya decided to try my services driven by curiosity rather then need for personal transformation. Well, at least that what she thought before our first meeting. However…


Already at our first meeting I could see that this young lady was not living (or rather, not dressing) up to her full potential! With thin and almost fragile bodyframe and facial features capturing the expression of éternelle jeunesse, Tanya had full potential to embody true “Chic Parisien”. So that was the style direction I’ve decided to choose for her!


Inspired by images from classic French films and latest fashion editorials I got to work on my clients stylish transformation: starting with a new haircut, continuing with a completely new capsule wardrobe (since Tanya’s old clothes were mostly either too basic or simply outdated) and finishing her look with a dash of a daring red lipstick!


Et voila!


Tanya’s Before & After No. 1




Tanya’s Before & After No.2




Tanya’s New Images:








tanya5  tanya6




And here’s Tanya’s comment:

Having Alexandra work on my personal style and take me shopping was really eye-opening! It helped me realize that all these years I’ve been making the same mistake again and again. I’ve been always looking at the pieces of clothing that I liked, but never bothered to ask whether these pieces would really suit and compliment me.




Another great thing was to learn how right clothes can enhance your individuality and show your character, how style can really tell your personal story to others!


Working with Alexandra was a wonderful experience and somewhat a reminder that the “I know what best for me!” doesn’t always work when it comes to style. So I would encourage everyone to even once try working with an image-consultant in general and Alexandra in particular!