Stylegant | Oksana K.
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Oksana K.

My client Oksana is a talented pastry-chef. Having successfully graduated one of the top European culinary schools, she now develops a brand of her own. And as a true businesswoman Oksana clearly understands that it is important for one’s images to match the success one aims to achieve. This what brought her to my style consultation.


Already after our first meeting (which included tasting of Oksana’s amazing sweet creations!) it became clear to me that in order to look harmonious, the new image for this strong-minded and creative lady would have to combine her inner strength and self-confidence, also leaving place to femininity.


Besides, Oksana’s image had to project professional ambition and success in a very creative profession, so it was important for me to compose outfits that would look modern and polished, but in no way office-like or corporate. What and exciting task to fulfill!


Oksana’s Before & After




Oksana’s new images:




oksana10  oksana11

oksana2  oksana3






oksana4  oksana5