Stylegant | Nadya W.
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Nadya W.

Although she has been living in Spain for some years now, my client Nadya W. is a true Slavic beauty – tall blue-eyed and a natural blond. But as practice shows, this can be both an advantage and a challenge. Especially when one lives a high-paced life being an active mother of two and a businesswoman!


Therefore, as I worked with Nadya on developing her personal style concept, it was important to keep her looks modern and energetic despite certain softness and melancholy that are common for traditional Slavic looks.


The solution was in keeping Nadya’s outfits in (mostly) light “spring” colors and add energy by using voluminous bright accessories like statement necklaces in her looks. And the result…


Nadya’s Before & After No.1




Nadya’s Before & After No.2




Nadya’s New Looks


nadya1  nadya3




nadya4   nadya5


nadya6   nadya7