Stylegant | Julia A.
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Julia A.

Meet Julia Arista Sueca – young business professional and one of my recent clients from Madrid, Spain.


It turned out that Julia’s decision to seek my professional style advice was part of a bigger process as she was contemplating her first major career breakthrough. Also having recently moved to a new apartment, Julia soon realized she also needed some serious wardrobe “renovation”.


So following our first “getting-to-know” session I came to Julia’s place to conduct wardrobe analysis. And that was…quite a unique experience! At that point my client’s wardrobe was utterly packed with clothes exhibiting the full story of her life: as former model, as college student and finally as young professional. So it was time leave old clothes (and old styles) behind and to discover what should Julia’s personal style look like today.


I have to admit that even with her “out-of-college” look Julia appeared to be charismatic and independent young woman. She was full of energy, had great sense of humor and knew how to take care of herself. And she was ready to show it!


So I’ve decided to create dynamic, bright, bold images, forming associations with a “modern-world Amazon”. For that I’ve turned to bright colors, active prints and their combinations as well as certain “natural” elements that form image of strong femininity.


Julia’s “Before & After”:



Julia’s new images: