Stylegant | Elena Z.
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Elena Z.

Working on Elena’s style was a part of “Image Transformation Project” – my collaboration with a team of professionals: style, hair & make-up artists. Our main goal was to develop a completely new concept of personal style for our participant that will allow her to see new horizons yet feel comfortable and “in her skin” with her new image.


Having met Elena in person in order to better understand her needs and preferences I saw she was standing at the crossroads. She has already outgrown her former style – extremely casual, relaxed, dressing as a teenager. Yet this young woman was lacking clear vision of what her new style should look like. Her outfits lacked personality, besides it was time to add some sophistication and femininity to her image.


So my goal was to create for Elena modern, yet elegant looks that would also match her character and personality. And since Elena is strong and confidant young woman who’s fond of active lifestyle, it was clear her femininity needs to be active and dynamic, with strong energy. That was what I aimed at.


Elena’s “before & after”:




Also, I’ve created one of Elena’s new images inspired by Mod style back from the 60s, as it was young, dynamic, somewhat bold and confident (and I found perfect dress and coat for it! :)).






And as for her last outfit, I decided to build it around one bright piece, adding some retro feel to the look to make it more refined and sophisticated, turning Elena into “femme fatale” for a day.




Elena and our “style transformation” team: