Stylegant | Alexandra V.
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Alexandra V.

Meet Alexandra – adventurous traveler in her past and young mother in her present. And although today Alexandra mostly travels in the parks accompanied by a stroller, she has transformed her passion for travelling into a successful business.


So having settled down in Valencia, starting new and exciting chapter of her life, Alexandra decided it’s time to move from her traveler’s shirts & jeans to a new, more elegant and polished image. This brought her to my style consultation.


As I met Alexandra for the first time I could not help the feeling that somehow we have already met. It took me a while, but I finally figured it out! It was an amazing resemblance my client had with a number of models favored by such brands as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Abercrombie&Fitch. It was so clear, I even emphasized it in an “inspirational style collage” that I included in Alexandra’s personal book of style:




And as a very special type of beauty – fresh and natural – Alexandra needed a style concept to match it. Looks that would allow her to look natural, simple yet elegant and never “over-done”. So I’ve put aside any complicated prints and shapes, excessive jewelry and very bright colors and instead went to searched for pieces in elegant solid tones with simple silhouettes and soft and long lines.


Alexandra’s Before & After No.1




Alexandra’s Before & After No.2




Alexandra’s Before & After No.3




Alexandra’s New Looks:




alex5  alex6






alex9  alex10