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About Me

3Hello and welcome!

My name is Alexandra Vail. I am a Style Strategist and Personal Image Consultant.


My work and five years of experience in this field are all about helping my clients, real men and women just like you, to develop unique personal style. Through creative use of colors, fabrics, prints and shapes I can help you form an exclusive image that strengthens your presence and allows you to feel fabulous and confident while staying true to yourself.


I help clients to compose images for every relevant environment, purpose and occasion in their life, advancing their carriers, achieving personal goals and feeling confident at any social event. My work is based on a strong belief that each and every one of my clients has a unique personality and therefore deserves exclusive personal style to match it.


I’ve studied Fashion and Style in the Fashion&Style Academy (CA, USA) and have over five years of professional experience in the area of fashion and style.


My approach to personal style goes beyond visual aspect of your physical appearance. And the main goal is to help you to re-discover your individuality and project it on the outside. I work with women and men of various ages and occupations that live in different parts of the world and my personal experience as an expat & traveler (I’ve spent three years in Amsterdam, one year in Spain and have recently conducted a round-the-world trip) allows me to truly understand my clients’ personal and cultural backgrounds to meet their style and sartorial needs and expectations.


With that said, I am now excited to offer you my expertise and experience – to upgrade your image and personal style. As your personal stylist I can promise you a very fruitful partnership (because you and your opinions matter are always an integral part of the process) – you’ll never again have the “I’ve got nothing to wear” problem and get will definitely feel excited about the way you look!