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Vietnam Chic

Since nowadays image has become incredibly important, it is only logical that we all want to look our best. Creating an effective wardrobe which consists of clothes that look great on you, reflect your personality and suit your lifestyle is one of the crucial keys. This, however, is not an easy task – not only do you need to know what suits your appearance in terms of colors, shapes and styles, it then becomes “mission impossible” to find those pieces in endless shops and at comfortable prices. As a result most of us spend countless hours and a great deal of money with a rarely satisfying result.

Now imagine you get a personalized shopping list, your very own “style portfolio” developed by a professional stylist who takes into account your appearance (height, weight, body type, natural coloring, etc.), lifestyle, personality, preferences and updated fashion trends. Then imagine having all those clothes made for you by professional tailors to create exclusive and fashionable pieces (at surprisingly comfortable price!) that will become a valuable addition to your wardrobe. And all this in a beautiful city of eternal summer where your shopping trip turns into a holiday.


Sounds like a dream?! Well, allow me to turn this dream into reality!


Let me take you to the “Tailors Capital of Vietnam” – magical Hoi An where fashion and style fantasies come true.


As an experienced professional stylist I will develop your very own style portfolio focusing on your appearance, personal preferences and needs, so it consists of the pieces of clothing that will look great on you and suit your personality while being fashionable.

We will then go to the magical city of Hoi An famous not only for its history and picturesque scenery, but also for its skillful tailors, bags and shoemakers.



Of course, with over 400(!) tailor shops it’s easy to get lost! So let me share my knowledge and expertise and take you to the best tailors offering great service, skill and impressive fabric selection.

You will have my complete support through the whole process: from booking your first private appointment with a tailor to explaining exact designs of the chosen items from your style portfolio to choosing the fabrics and going to the fittings to make sure all your new clothes fit just right. I’ll be there to help you negotiate the best price and deal with any problems so you feel comfortable and get the best possible result.



My goal is to provide you with a unique styling and tailoring experience in the most effective way, so you also get to enjoy exotic Hoi An, its culture, history, beautiful beaches and, of course, great Vietnamese coffee and cuisine!


So how does it work?!


To ensure a very personal approach I only work with small groups of maximum five clients who travel to Hoi An and stay there for five full days to get the wardrobe of their dreams tailor-made for them.


I reach out to each client in advance (be it during a personal meeting or via skype\email) in order to discuss and develop a personal style portfolio – a list of items to be tailor-made in Vietnam. We then book a date of your arrival to Hoi An. I’ll be happy to assist each client with finding flying tickets at the best prices as well as other logistic issues (visa, etc.).
Upon their arrival to Hoi An all clients will be taken to a beautiful villa where they will stay during their visit.

I will then schedule personal appointments with each client and take him\her to their first appointment with a tailor. There each client will have their measures taken and we’ll place an order. The next fitting appointment will be scheduled on the spot and can take place as soon as the next day.

Each appointment takes around 1-2 hours and each client will need around 2-4 fitting appointments (one appointment a day). So most of the days you will be free to enjoy the city, the beach, experience the local culture and even participate in the cooking class. When all the clothes are made, I will accompany each client to their final fitting to make sure everything fits perfectly so they will bring back home both unique and stylish clothes and unique experience.

So what will you get at the end?


– A personal style portfolio developed exclusively for you by a professional stylist; this style portfolio will include items suiting your appearance and reflecting your personality and as such will be your “shopping guide/list” in Hoi An;

– A set of clothes (dresses / skirts / tops / leather items) from your style portfolio tailor-made for you by a skilled and professional tailor in Hoi An;




– Five days of unforgettable holidays in the UNESCO Heritage city of of Hoi An in the center of Vietnam on the shore of South China Sea;









– A chance to experience exotic culture and local cuisine while you wander through local markets, stop for exquisite Vietnamese coffee in a picturesque cafe or participate in a cooking class.







And what will you pay for?

– Services of professional stylist throughout your trip
– Services of professional tailors who execute your order in Hoi An
– Flight tickets from your hometown to Hoi An, Vietnam and back
– Entrance visa to Vietnam (if required)
– A five-day stay in a beautiful villa in Hoi An
– Five-day living expenses
– Cooking class
Estimated price including all of the above: $2000-2500